Jurij Sennecke

As the Owner and Director of Operations at Dundene Homes Inc., Jurij takes it upon himself to personally maintain strong relations with his clients throughout their project, and even long after its completion. His tenacity and energy resonate so profoundly within the organization that they have developed into a company-wide character.

He and his wife share a love of design and home-building. From its conception, Dundene Homes has been Jurij's outlet for expressing his passion.

With a Bachelor in Architecture and over 20 years of experience in the field, Jurij has acquired more than mere knowledge of building and renovating custom homes; he has developed a philosophy and a solid application infrastructure within his organization to handle any project condition and volume.

There are few things in the home building industry he cannot raise to excellence.

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Dundene Homes team members were highly qualified, licensed craftsmen even before they first joined us. It did not take them long to become reliable colleagues and close friends as well.

Everyone on the job knows his team members and respects the role each of them fulfills. This mutual dependability in the team inspires great work and maintains excellent morale.

Some say friends should never work together. We at Dundene Homes believe otherwise, and we have 15 years of professionalism and success to show for it.

Michael Smith

Michael is the Construction Manager at Dundene Homes. He is responsible for supervising all construction activities on-site from start to finish. Michael is a true perfectionist, and so nothing goes into the work without the consent of this master builder.

He believes the effectiveness of his team reflects on his leadership, while their handiwork is an expression of himself. Michael personally inspects and critiques every step of the way towards the final, desired product. His input is what gives our photographer the confidence to take close-up shots of any detail during the documentation stage.

Michael is a licensed carpenter with over 20 years of construction experience, and has been with Dundene Homes from its inception. His contribution speaks for itself. Despite his austere approach to work, he never fails to lighten the mood of those around him with subtle humour and a slight grin.

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