Our Services

Essentially, we build, renovate, and construct additions to your home from start to finish. We welcome as much or as little input from you, our client, as you wish to provide. To better help you understand what we do, we have outlined our services below:

· Build Custom Homes ·

This is our forte. We know how to build quality homes to satisfy your needs and your dreams. We always meet with you first to understand your vision, and work closely with you to have that vision fulfilled.

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· Home Renovation ·

Over time, personal tastes and needs can change. You may be having children, or they are moving out, or there is an unused space going to waste, or your house simply doesn’t feel like a home anymore. Dundene Homes is here to help win back your satisfaction with homeownership - any way you like it!

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· Construct Additions ·

So you need space! A larger kitchen, a new sunroom, an extra bedroom, or plainly to add value to your home!
An addition is unlike a new construction in that there needs to be a seamless continuity from the existing to the new. Luckily, Dundene Homes has plenty of experiences in that department as well!

· Permit and Land Acquisition ·

Whenever a home is built or a structure takes up land space, an official consent from the local authorities is required. This means paperwork: zoning and building code compliance, site plan approval, soil contamination report, permit application, and other such headaches. We make it our business to minimize the strain by handling all these issues on your behalf.

· Design Coordination ·

Sure, you want everything done right the first time, and that’s why you hire professionals like us to work with you. With our team of designers, tradespeople, and our extensive insight into the latest trends, styles, and materials, let Dundene Homes demonstrate to you how well we know our business.

· Construction Management ·

Good communication is key to keeping a job on time and on budget - and we have got it down to a science! From a kitchen renovation to large custom home, our management structure is applied consistently across all project types and sizes, producing top results.