Our Projects

  • X

    The latest testament to our artistic range and collaborative strength.

  • IX

    It is quickly becoming our specialty - washroom slick, kitchen sensational!

  • VIII

    Sweet new Kitchen, modern bathrooms, and crank up the sunlight!

  • VII

    Yet another example of 'Classic' not being synonymous with 'Old'.

  • VI

    Few bungalows are still built, but then again few can compare with our work at Glen Park.

  • V

    A complete home renovation at Pinehurst. A new Modern design for the modern lifestyle.

  • IV

    This Three Valley home incorporates efficient spatial use and Contemporary design themes.

  • III

    Rubix cottage exhibits Dundene Homes' knowledge of sustainable (green) design.

  • II

    Combining the best of both eras, Lawrence Park Place is our model Transitional home.

  • I

    Proof that old is not obsolete, St. Leonard’s is our vintage answer to modern trends.